'Professor' Wieden's Unconventional Methods


Great shades of Dead Poets Society! Is it a matter of ethics or simply judgment and taste? Either way it reminds me of most of my classmates when I was a journalism student: no fun at all.

Journalism dean issues statement about workshop DailyEmerald

Dean Tim Gleason accepts 'full responsibility' for the ethical controversy surrounding Dan Wieden's unconventional assignments
"...Wieden, president of nationally known advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, gave students tasks to fulfill -- in whatever manner they chose -- including streaking, objecting at a wedding and playing Twister with a trucker. Wieden + Kennedy handles Nike's advertising, and some of the company's past advertisements have received a great deal of criticism...Journalism GTF Micky Lee, who asked Gleason to set up the meeting, said she's concerned about the school's reputation.

"If we graduate from this school, what kind of reputation will we have?" she said."

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  • James_Trickery's picture

    - "I object!!"


    -"Dan Weiden told me to just do it."

    Jun 11, 2004

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