Psyop wins Emmy Heist spot for Coca-Cola


Psyop wins Emmy Heist spot for Coca-Cola


Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick - Psyop Founders & Creative Directors @Psyop won an Emmy this past Saturday night for the Heist spot for Coca-Cola via Wieden+Kennedy, Portland.

Mueller & Matulick had to sit through 4 hours of nomination-torture before finally realizing they had won.

Kylie Matulick: "By the time they opened the announcement card we just felt great to have been nominated with this awesome group knowing that there was no way in hell we'd win out over Porn, a Scorsese-selling time share and an alien Alec Baldwin......and then we heard "Coke.....Heist.
It felt great to get that kind of recognition and it's a wonderful accolade for all the talented artists who work their asses off at PSYOP to make something amazing."

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