Publicis CPH interactive christmas jam


Publicis CPH interactive christmas jam


This year Publicis Copenhagen decided to send electronic an electronic christmas card to clients, partners, friends etc.. The staff puts on a good holiday spirit and sang (or tried to) "Jingle Bells". You can hear the whole agency all at once, departments on their own, or even each individual solo.



Thanks for posting Calle, when I saw it in the forum I was just about to ask permission if I could post it on the front page. ;)

Someone is singing out of tune. ;))

hohoho...I mean hahaha. ;) Nice touch that you can view the individual depts.

Clever. Most interesting feature is the ability to turn folks off.

Here's one I think is better:

Inter-office paperwad (snowball) fights to "spread the holiday spirit", and submitted videos of office attacks (spirit spreading).

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