Puma Ads still making headlines


Puma Ads still making headlines


This article in Slate talks about the allegedly fake puma ads also covers the cease and desist orders and the Nokia ads, and yet doesn't mention Ad-Rag.com even once.


well... sorta mentions us, with the link:

"Interestingly, around the same time the Puma "ad" made the rounds, a short video purporting to be an ad for Nokia phones"

though yes, shame shame they didn't notice that we had the ads in Feb just like the hungarians. ;-)

Eric - when you use the term "allegedly fake" can I presume you are firmly in the camp of people who belive this whole thing was a very clever PR stunt?

if it was, PUMA owes dabitch some money for spreading the meme. (and all the other blogs that carried the meme further)

Yea, PUMA, pay up:-) I too carried the Meme and didn't get a Slate mentions either :-(


Wow, I didn't notice that the nokia link went to Ad-Rag.

I am completely agnostic about whether or not the Puma ads are real or fake, I just wouldn't put anything past the corporate world. That said, that must have been some funny photo shoot...

hahaha! Yeah pay up! :)) and smile steve - at least gawker knows who you are! :P

The theories on where the ad came from are pretty far-fetched. I've seen people sincerely believe these ads were made by a UK "viral" ad agency - I don't believe that for a second. Where I got the ads from is far from the uk - Romania.

so i don't believe the "uk agency" theory - then again, I wouldn't put it past a .hu or .ro agency creatives own spec work.... :)

well... seeing the flirt vodka ad and the PUMA ads side by side makes me belive that the PUMA spec might have been created in either Hungary or Romania..

si, but the Flirt ad was from Bulgaria......

Bah, that's nothing, if you read what they wrote in Shootonline they seem to think Adrag/AdLand should be counted amoungst the other adblogs that have "sprung up as of late" despite the glaring fact that AdLand has been around since 1996. Kinda obvious when you check the bottom of this page and peek at the FAQ or press clippings... But Journalists aren't that big on research are they?

see here : shootonline article

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