PUMA AG Statement regarding unauthorized "bad taste advertisement"


PUMA AG Statement regarding unauthorized "bad taste advertisement"


PUMA AG Statement regarding unauthorized "bad taste advertisement" (posted here February 25):

It has been brought to our attention that several unauthorized, sexually suggestive advertisements portraying the PUMA brand have been released over the Internet. We are appalled that images like these would be created and distributed under the PUMA name. As a brand, we seek to take a unique perspective toward our advertising in an effort to challenge the boundaries of our industry; however we would never consider using these tactics.

We are in the process of researching the circumstances and reserve any legal steps available.

They called me on the phone as well as posted this statement in the comments of the flirt squirt and sex.. badlander. Over the phone I made no promises just acknowledged that they had requested I take the images down and said I looked forward to whatever they'd send me.

Later, a proper C&D was sent to Adland, while we will not post that as it is private correspondence here is our reply to the PUMA C&D


techlawadvisor.blogspot.com posted: Puma Resolution - Dilution v. Fair Use in response to Puma's demand that people take down the faked adverts.

found via trademark blog

More removed ads Adrants and the Reverse Cowgirl keep track of the puma ads....

There's another post regarding the Puma ads over at the The Reverse Cowgirls salon blog. Puma has even called Salon in order to make her take the Puma images down from her blog. In todays post she quotes to users comments here - go see if your famous. ;-)

besides, her blog is rather sexy, so you should pay her a visit.

Yet another take on the phonecall from Puma this one is over at Felix Salmon's. Felix posted the ads at memefirst March 09.

You keep good track of these ads. Strange that none out there hat tip to to Adland as the source - when it's rather obvious your February 25 posting was the first one.

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