The Puppet Agency


The Puppet Agency

Have you seen the Puppet Agency? It's a flash site with embedded flash youtube videos (sheesh!) where someone with a very wry sense of humor clearly spent a lot of time filming puppets act out ad agency stereotypes. And by stereotypes I mean the characters shout a lot and the jokes are ancient. Yeah, the creative director yells at the account exec, the account coordinator is clueless and offends the client, the creative team pad their timesheets and play "solitaire". On their macs? Here are the first three episodes - looks like Puppet Agency are prepared to have at least nine episodes up soon. The most interesting thing about this website is that you can tell your own horror story of ad agency mayhem.



... This is a better version of the same type of thing. Record someone ranting and shoot dolls as visuals.

Yesterday, someone at my work was sent a direct mail companion to this: two of the "puppets" sent in a box with copy about all the characters. No identification beyond that...I'm assuming it's a part of a tease-and-reveal campaign for an agency, as people don't usually have the funds to mail out premiums for a side-project in-joke. (BTW: I put puppets in quotes because they're actually dolls--no finger or hand holes.)

Perhaps it's for a "new" type of agency that promises not to act like these tired old stereotypes.

(I put new in quotes because all new agencies turn out to be the same old in the end)

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