Putting the Squeeze on Meat

NPR had a piece on Sid Lerner, a former Mad Ave ad man, now using his mad ad skills to promote Meatless Monday. The ex-exec was somehow involved in the classic Squeeze the Charmin ads, but my exhaustive research (read: skimming a page or two of Google results) turned up no specifics.

For me, the most interesting thing was that this "classic" ad guy isn't going the traditional route, producing an ad campaign — instead, he's partnering with institutions, collaborating with restaurants and chefs, working the Earth-friendly angle. Taking more grassroots approach to vegetarianism.

OK, now take a moment to feel for the meat industry's PR flack there.

Unnecessary editorial: for a few years there, the missus Squirrel and I were basically weekday vegetarians; sure, we're no longer quite so strict, but not depending anywhere near as much on meat. It's far less traumatic than it's made out to be.