Queer eye advertisers targeted


Queer eye advertisers targeted


The conservative Montana Family Coalition really don't like the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - they think it's trash and want it taken off TV, as if they never heard of a remote control and the ability to TiVo stuff they'd rather like to see.

Julie Millam, the coalition's executive director, managed to spew this hurtful garbage:
"To me, that's not a reality show about gay people," Millam said. "A really good reality show for gay people would be five gay men dying of AIDS."

Now the group plan to launch a campaign to get the show off the air - but instead of targeting the TV network, they will target advertisers who air commercials during the show, boycotting their products and mailing them complaints.


I really don't know what to say. I can't believe that a person in the position of "executive director" would allow themselves to be quoted while saying something so ignorant and stupid. Although...it's not all that surprising I guess when the group is filled with ignorant people.
If I was an advertiser, I'd want them to boycott...hell if I'd want ignorant, discriminatory, vile people buying my product.

aren't people in Montana really friendly to sheep?

Yes, but only if the sheep is of the opposite sex. You know, the way God intended.


dang, this was meant to be as a reply to the sheep comment. I'm not laughing at the article.

I read it "To me that's not a reality show.." fact is, Gay life is not all fashion, interior design and matching curtains. The gay community is battling AIDS, and trying to cope with it.

Hey Anon.

42 million men, women and children currently living with HIV / AIDS - I ca assure you they were not all gay, or even sexually active yet - it is everyones reality.

The Real MTV, Big Brother, and any other take on reality shows, is not "reality" for any one of us. It's all fake glitter and glam, fashion and exhibitionism.

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