Racism poster with lego upsets Danes

The UN has created a poster against racism which manges to offend the Danes. The poster has been printed in many languages but the spokesperson José Luis Díaz says that "there are no hidden intentions with the poster".
Danish company Lego doesn't like the poster, or the idea that lego could be associated with racism or racists, according to the communications director Charlotte Simonsen. Read more to see ad that the UN now has decided to withdraw.

José Luis Díaz insists that the poster doesn't play on recent events in Denmark, and that Lego isn't associated with Denmark internationally. "It's unfortunate if the poster is interpreted that way as the racism message may get lost."

The UN decided to withdraw the poster within 24 hours yesterday, however, the anti-racism day it advertises has already come and gone.

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  • Plywood's picture

    This ad is one of those really bad attempts to connect hings that don't connect together at all. It's like a junior team who haven't gotten puns out of their system yet thinks they've stumbled upon some brilliant expression of racism when it's really just apples and oranges jumbled together in a pointless mess. One of the lamest racism ads I've ever seen.

    Mar 27, 2006
  • Dabitch's picture

    Yeah, it's nowhere near that oldd anti-racism ad where the headline read: "Predjudice isn't always black and white." and the image was a portrait of an south east asian man.

    Mar 27, 2006

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