Radio Klassisk brings the classical music to Copenhagens public transport system, again.

"Classical special train" the sign declared before this metro train appeared carrying a conductor and Sjællands Symfoniorkester inside. People boarded and were treated to Peer Gynt on the metro. This flash mob thing is getting really old in the tooth, but when your tagline is "enjoy the music" and you are a classical radio station, I don't see anything wrong with bringing the music out to the people to enjoy. Pretty neat.

Radio Klassisk - Peer Gynt on the metro flash mob

Of course, they already did this last year, and one might suspect that the push on this second instance is a way to freshen the campaign idea in the eyes of Cannes jurors everywhere. If one were a cynical bastard, that is.

Last year on the second of May conductor Jesper Nordin and the Copenhagen Phil (Sjællands Symfoniorkester) set up as they went along and played Ravel's Bolero in the center of the central station in Copenhagen. What I love most about this isn't just how more musicians arrive to the scene as needed, but also a short edit where I can see a pretty well known street musician, mouth agape, sit down with his three kids to enjoy someone else playing music in public for a change. Must have made his day. Also how did they sneak the kettledrums into the scene?

Radio Klassisk - Ravel's Bolero - Flash mob in Copenhagen central station.