Radiotjänst Tackfilm has already clocked 5 million unique views


DraftFCB know that Ego still drives virals. "People have to feel that they are included in a campaign if they are to share it" said Andreas Englund - and putting peoples photographs in a film or on a dancing elf is a tried and true viral-tactic. Directed by Max Vitali at Callboy, the film plays almost as an anti-viral, with traditional filmic suspense building, old school actors and a length that people with short attention spans can't handle. This is now a case study for your ammo-drawer when it seems everyone around you is conspiring to get some watered-down measurable direct respons crud in form of a starbust shaped coupon. The Thank you for paying your TV licence viral released in November has already had 5 million unique visits reports Resumé. The entire population of Sweden is only slightly over 9 million, to put it in perspective Source: CIA Factbook.

Just a tiny snag in the success-story, the IP numbers logged are from 214 different countries, and Radiotjänst have decided to block foreign IP's from visiting as it's proven just a tad too popular abroad which puts a strain on their bandwidth.

Previous Radotjänst ads - the film that was awarded at Eurobest and Roygalan.

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    How many stopped watching after 15 seconds? I don't understand what they're saying at all.

    Dec 09, 2009

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