Random Adland Poll: TAGS!

Hullo all adgrunts big and small, new and old. I'm curious about the tags system, and if you could spare a second to give us some input here, I'll spread 14 days of super adgrunt joy to your accounts. K? Ready?

The Tags for the commercials - do you use them? If not, why not? Do you tag stuff? If not why not? Could it be better? How? Did you see the tags FAQ in the ever underestimated FAQ? Comment your input below and get your super juice as soon as I see your comment. Cheers in advance!

Just for the heck of it, other sites with Tags:
Technorati Tags - words on many-a-blog, tagged.

Flickr photo tags describes the images.

Metafilter tags - metafilter posts tagged.

Wikipedia tag clouds & Wikipedia on Tags