Random poll: I need your input on BANNER AD SUPPORT dear adgrunts


Random poll: I need your input on BANNER AD SUPPORT dear adgrunts

Heya, adgrunts.

It used to be that y'all hated banner as more than life itself. You told me so more than thrice.
It used to be pretty cool to just log in and not see them. It used to be that everyone reckoned it was a good idea to support a service with a coin or three to help it survive.

Now I wonder if things haven't changed. Would you think it was cool to watch ads (as in, the collected commercials of the 42000 strong commercial archive) for FREE, if only there was a twenty second ad that you didn't ask for, that you had to watch before it? And a bunch-a ads around it? Like, banners everywhere! Some even blinking? . How about if you could pay to get away from that mess and meet the serene ad-free advertising archive that you meet today when upgrading, not even a single text-ad bugging you? Would that be cool, sortof like an opt-out option?

The only reason I'm asking is because traffic and want clearly needs me to upgrade on the servers and bandwidth, but if we can't figure out a way to pay for this together. Well, it sadly won't happen. I'd much prefer to make things happen, man.

So I'd REALLY like to know what adgrunts think today about it. I'm guessing peoples minds might have changed but I'm not sure.

Input needed, bring it on people.


In this case, your vote don't count unless you have the gall to say it in public! (I appreciate the emails though, guys and gals)

Before I vote I have two questions. How many banner ads will there be and do they have to blink?

I'm happy to pay to avoid banners. If you think you'll make more revenue from taking banners than you would simply by charging for access to ads, then go for it.

I have no idea if the revenue would be larger with banners, in fact it might not be.

How many "and would they have to blink?" - if one sells out, I guess that sooner or later some banner that we all hate would come along, blinking or not. But I'd give the "watch twenty seconds of THIS commercial before the one you wanted to watch" a go first. Something that I personally feel is so very very twisted.

Reason: People have been commenting daily recently on what a bitch it is for them to pay to upgrade. OK; so fine, lets give them the banner ad annoying option, and the ones who frickin' despise that (like me), pay to upgrade. Perhaps then people will stop complaining.

I'm not even sure it can work, there's the high risk that I end up paying for the monthly server fees until traffic (a new generation of banner-fed adgrunts that want to watch free ads) arrive.

And I honestly wonder if adgrunts are still as anti-banner as they ever were. If you are, then fine, lets not do it - I'm so on your side, I hate banners. If the attitudes have changed as I suspect (I might only be hearing from the squeaky wheels), then lets try something new.

Perhaps is the ads are "open" to the public I won't be receiving moaning emails about the pay to get super adgrunt system, I won't have to spend hours on youtube removing our watermarked ads from there every day, and we'd get a link back from other ad blogs once in a while. (obviously, nobody wants to link to paid content).

I dislike banners. I want to buy my way out of that. I love the way adland works today. There, that's my vote.

Let us have it both ways! Those that want to subscribe to avoid banners can; those that don't have to watch a 20-second ad, or whatever you choose?

Me? I'm for banners if they're of high quality. No crap allowed. No blinking, flashing or dodgy 'you've-won-a-brand-new-iPhone-just-click-here' nonsense. There are simple ways of blocking them anyway :)

I wonder if it would be feasible to only accept banner ads if they are happy for site users to crit them. It might keep the quality high (on the other hand, it might scare off paying customers).

Another question would be, are there enough people on here who might be prepared to share the server costs? Kind of like villagers chipping in to buy their local pub? What about sponsorship?

I reckon the upgrade system now is like the tip-bowl that keeps the local pub alive. With it we could get the server setup that we have now. It's just that we're outgrowing our setup (again) and the investment for a fatter pipe/bigger machines is a pretty hefty cost that I fear I'd end up funding myself (something I'd rather not do again, I was constantly skint back in the days that I did that and with children to feed around here that is simply not an option anymore).

A sponsorship would be ideal, a big brand that could steal all the white of this page saying "Adland brought to you by X", while having the web experience to allow for setting all the ads free and there really would be no limits to how big Adland could grow. Imagine being able to say "X owns the super bowl", since they'd be setting 36 years of that free they'd be mentioned in all press constantly come superbowl time. It would be cheap too, considering thirty seconds on the bowl costs three million dollars.

THAT is your pitch right there. Don't sell out to banners, get a sponsor.

Well since there's a few creatives hanging round these parts, what about a competition to create a mailshot (or something like it) pitching sponsorship of Adland to potential sponsors?

Oh great, if I get paid per click - I'd have to figure out how to make it impossible to block them. *headache*

Sorry, I'll keep my big gob shut!

If it's Google AdWords, they are fairly unobtrusive; banners can get in the way. I'd rather see text ads than big flashy banners, but hey, it's ultimately your call as I see it.

You've probably seen Bannerblog? They go for sponsorship, so perhaps that is the best model here, then it won't matter if people like me block the ads!

Sorry, something else to add: any ads (banners or otherwise) have to avoid using 'click here' or else the advertisers pay a premium to use the phrase!

That should make you some serious mullah!

Sponsorship makes the most sense, alex post a brief on the front page so we can all get cracking on a mailer.

Another suggestion might be to do all commercials free for everyone who logs in and a fifty question long form to fill out in order to sign in, where users list occupation, household income, sexual deviances and anything else that potential advertisers want to know. Already upgraded people never have to fill in that form, nor do they see banner ads/sponsor ads.

I'd better speak to the client about a brief then.

There's certainly been a lot of activity since I last had the time to post! It's like a soap opera, I miss one day and I have no idea what's going on.

I like a lot of the ideas so far, though I would recommend going with which would be easiest to implement. Sorry for not contributing as much to the dialogue; I've been very busy these past two days.

Not sure what is easy to implement (none of it is) but purplesimon has a good point about the level of creativity needed in ads here, so I'm looking into small ad networks for more 'creative' type stuff which might actually interest readers here. Google adwords is technically simply (Their ads read the text and then 'targets' what ad can appear there) but often not very interesting stuff. Also, that whole pre-historic check thing, gaah, cashing US checks costs s much money at my bank now, so annoying. 150 sek per check (15 pounds).

First up, you seen the ClickThroughRate on banners? Sucks. No bastard clicks on banners anymore. And yeah...those flashing ones are the worst. I use Google Adsense and I find the ads they throw up sometimes quite entertaining. But they do get it horribly wrong at times too. Like at the moment I'm riffing on the rise of Nazi influences in Advertising and what does Google furnish? - dvds about The Third Reich, Jobs in Berlin, a Crash Course in Jewish history and best of all Death Records Online.

They haven't paid me by cheque in a long while. Goes straight into my bank account in Euros at the end of the month like clockwork - pity the dollar's so weak though. Still...pays me several hundred a month and with your traffic you should do quite nicely.

I also wonder if paying a small fee to have stuff posted might help in some way. I think over at The FWA they ask for a fee for all sites being submitted for consideration.

Obviously, a lot of stuff gets published on here everyday, but if agencies are serious about the exposure this site can give, would they not, as an agency, think about contributing to the site on an annual basis?

It doesn't have to be related to volume of posts - although that would probably bring you lots of cash. Any agencies getting the top spot at the end of the year for their ads could be given free access for the following year, as a gift for doing great work.

Just a thought. Probably not my best, but a thought nonetheless. :)

I've talked to multinationals about that before (long time back), they were very reluctant.

Boo, hiss.

Oh well, it was only an idea. :)

I don't mind banners as long as they don't blink, animate, or play sounds...

My immediate gut instinct is leaning towards the two-tier system. How about a three-tier system: free with limited access, cheap with full access but banners, or premium without advertising?

Google Adsense can throw up some humdingers, especially on sites where the discussion ranges widely. At present on the Disturbing Auctions forum, I'm being offered a choice between Chinese porcelain restoration and membership of the Anglofur Furry Forum.

Sponsorship can be OK. The Talk Magic forum is heavily sponsored, but most of the sponsor links are at the bottom of the page and therefore unobtrusive. The sponsors also offer special deals to forum members from time to time, which keeps interest up. (Putting ads at the bottom of the page works for magicians because we're always looking for new things to buy and new places to buy them from. Might not work so well for adgrunts.)

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