Rate your favorite best and absolute worst films!


Rate your favorite best and absolute worst films!

Hello all happy adgrunts, we have a new toy courtesy cip - a rating system!

I thought this might be a fun way to rate your favorite films, vs the ones you really can't stand - super adgrunts don't miss out on giving a thumbs up or down on commercials as you watch them.

Your ten best and ten worst choices will be displayed on your user pages, see my page for an example in action. Other users may see your scores and thus find some great commercials they might have missed otherwise.

The ratings work on regular articles and toons as well, so non-super adgrunts can still make their reccomended reading and not reccomended lists.

If you are feeling naked, because you forgot to list your homepage or didn't write a witty signature, or are tired of your avatar etc - no worries, you can always edit your password and preferences by hitting the "you!" button when you are logged in (and pick your favorite theme and assorted goodies).

And remember kids, people who comment on articles, and/or chat in the forums have their userpage clearly visable to others. One can always search for a member online too.

Have fun with this new toy! Cheerios! Oh, and you can rate it here on the right! -->


Agreed, fun toy. I've just rated a bunch of commercials that I love and Hate - Though I haven't seen many other users do it (part from you Reznut and Dab).

This is a great way to surf commercials aimlessly and see what other people like/dislike.

After some getting used to it, I too am now a fan. I love sticking a five on a good post and whacking bad commercials down with the mediocre score of one.

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