Re-ordering the Super Bowl commercials in the archive - by your vote!

Hey kids. Since we're gearing up to watch yet another super bowl only for the commercials, I thought I'd do a little re-arranging in our 35 years of super bowl commercials namely making the ads sort by highest voted first.

You can now see the "best of" according to logged in adgrunts on each year. For example, this is the 2005 superbowl commercials, the 2002 superbowl commercials and the 1969 superbowl commercials listed by highest vote first.

Of course, this is also a sneaky way for me to get you guys to vote a little. ;9 Since some years - for example 2000 superbowl commercials, 1997 superbowl commercials and 1994 superbowl commercials have very few votes so one single vote can still make all the difference. Won't you make sure that your favorites are on top? :)