Really simple syndication - a site about RSS


Really simple syndication - a site about RSS

RSS has been around for a long long time, we've had a feed since 2000, many bloggers have been using it for years and years, and now it seems to finally be catching on with the big guns as deep.ed pointed out in RSS to exist. RSS is even graduating from 'just a format' to a media in it's own right, complete with ads of course; will RSS stay ad-free?

Now Dave Winer has started Really Simple Syndication weblog dedicated to spreading the word and educating people about RSS.
"Every news site has to reinvent the wheel with a page that explains their RSS feeds (a good thing) and an incomplete list of pointers to aggregators. Further, the lists don't include objective information, they just point to the marketing sites for the programs. They're usually very nice-looking, but rarely tell the whole story." He said in his post where he announces that we can all help out in Building a directory of aggregators. Diving deep into the terminology of aggregators and news readers, which expression is better? This site is one stop blog shopping for anything about RSS where you can participate in the future of the web.



I think Dave Winer is the one who started the Really Simple Syndication site, not Nick Denton. Congrats on the MarketingSherpa award, btw!

egad, you are so right, just goes to show you I shouldn't post without java in my system, got my notes messed up. Corrected, thanks.

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