Reebok rubs a poopy diaper in Nike's Face


Reebok rubs a poopy diaper in Nike's Face


As reported earlier, Nike just recendly laid out a $90,000,000 contract for high school basketball player LeBron James, and as an adlister added, $1,000,000 for 13 year old soccer player Freddy Adu.

So... as a sequel of sorts to their infamous answer to Nike's Streaker commercial, Reebok just signed up, get this, 3.5 year old basketball player Mark Walker Jr. That's right - three and a half years old. The price: A college trust fund.

USA Today's story here.

Reebok's Mark Walker Jr. site here
(includes quicktimes of the cute-as-a-button hoopster in action - wow).

This may or may not be a deliberate Reebok "4Q!" to Nike, but I'm betting it is. ROTFLMAO.


Exra Extra! Stop the presses! Nike Signs Fetus!!

I'm serious! Link: ;

"Nike's fantasy would rob some cradles

In a stunning pre-emptive strike Monday, Nike ended the bidding war for the unborn child of track stars Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery by signing the fetus to a 14-year apparel and shoe contract worth $188 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, the as-yet-unnamed person of undetermined gender, the spawn of five-time Sydney medalist Jones and world-record holder Montgomery, will wear only Nike diapers, jammies, bibs and sneakers until he or she graduates from the ninth grade. At that time, it will be decided whether the child will turn professional in whichever sport he or she excels or go back for his or her final four years of high school.

"We just felt Nike was the best fit for us, even though we don't know what size Dri-fit the boy or girl is going to wear," said the child's agent, Aaron Godwin. "It was not about the money. It was clear in sonograms that the baby preferred Nike over Adidas and Reebok."
A Nike spokesman called the signing of "Sprint Baby," as the initial marketing campaign will be called, the company's most significant coup since it signed 13-year-old soccer phenom Freddy Adu over the weekend.

At the time of the agreement with Adu, Nike had just signed 18-year-old Lebron James to a $90-million deal and was thought to have cornered the market on all potential sports stars who had yet to reach voting age.
Adidas inks tennis toddler

But Adidas struck back with great force Sunday when Sonny Vacarro outbid the swoosh for the 1-year-old son of tennis greats Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Negotiations are still ongoing with Graf's second child, which is due later this year."

hat tip to jason > adlist.

gosh that was funny. can't stop.. laughing...

That's some fine parody. I especially like the way they put the occasional real nugget in there for texture.

better than the Onion... who are usually way ahead of the real ad-biz with their gimmicks. :)

Is anyone else here really creeped out when little Mark says:

"I am Reebok"

No, because he says "thank you reebok".

Does he? click on the far right "Marks favorite things" film.. I swear he says "I am rebook" right after "I am the future of basketball" and "It's a god given talent".

creeps me out.

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