Requiem for an Idea


Requiem for an Idea


A short film, produced to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of The Bessies, Canada's broadcast advertising awards, follows the twists and turns in the life of an advertising idea. The tragi-comic film debuts at the gala in May, but an advance copy has been circulating on the net (see link) to rave reviews from frustrated creatives in Canada and abroad.



aw... poor teary mime-idea walking off in the alley...

i laughed out loud. hehehehe.

Awesome film! Thanks Lucky! Fortunately the creative idea wasn't shown to the account executives!

lovely. and scary. i've had this nightmare. i've lived this nightmare.

....if it had that feathercap wouldn't be on his head.....

brilliant... abso-F-ing-lutely Brilliant!!!!

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