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Peter joins the competition with this logo.
Here's his explanation of it: You have all read the art
directors stiff motivations why they choose blue and why the
logo looked like it does and all that, I guess I have to
plead guilty to have written some of those myself. And
here's another one, have mercy, please. I prefer writing
these for clients, not colleagues.

It pictures a community, an individual is on its way out, or
in. Three others are already logged on. The word "adland"
under it, with the d's turned. The remaining letters forming
the words "a lan" (I know it's not a local network, but the
connection is still fun) The turned d's are indicating that
members and guests not so often are mainstream, but
individualists. Which make the whole idea with a community
much more interesting. You still see the word "adland"
though, but in a more subtle way, a way for us who know. And
we do, don't we?

I am a bit worried that a common symbol as this already
exists for some other network or community, but I have never
seen it, and if it does the Clays of this world will find it
instantaneously and I will forever sit ashamed in the halls
of Badland... Like I said, have mercy. BS-free
It's a symbol. I like it.

Fair enough Peter. Effort gains you a Gill Book. (the
subject: "Darnit Åsk I want that Gill Book" indicates that
the one you wanted.. ey? *haha*) Next!

Jason sends us this: Now this gets very interesting. Picture this one signed by "anonymous123" rather than simply anon (which you can't be - but "spacmena98" is just as anonymous as anonymous, uh, got that?). A campaignable idea in that we can continue with
"Paul Wineberg is a wanker", "Toscani is a tosser" and so
on. Also, one doesn't have to recognize Lee Clow behind the
mustache to still get it. Jason suggests that at Adland
get-together we could all wear fake noses+glasses, and why
not make T-shirts out of it? Yeah! Why not? Strong idea.
Definitely worth a Gill book. Coming up.

And then there's Robert, who sends in plenty of ideas (six

Adland - "because work is hell" at the confession, makes me
chuckle , but is unfortunately a wee bit off-brief. So is the
guy with only topless-bars in front of his eyes, but for the
"adland" on his left eye.;-)

"Inside dirt - from the
inside" aint a bad line - and it's more on brief. Pay-off is
by the adgrunts.. Continuing this theme are these two images
of dirt carrying the same line. .

but it's actually the common ground that I fell for:

Simple and sweet, if Adland is the only place you can agree
with your partner. ;-) Anyhoe - for his valiant effort he
wins the Vaske Book - something to curl up with at the
fireplace this Xmas.

But wait - there's MORE! Holger - oh I'm sorry,
User Nuxx -suggested :

Media is the key here: Produce small cocaine plastic bags
and print this on'em: "Nose-job? Sniff out the latest
rumours at Adland" That should make you the
talk of town. :-) /holger

This, in the wake of american express anthrax mailer
scandals, is a pretty cocky idea. :-P I reckon it's worth a
mousepad - shaped as a mouse (and therefore totally useless
as a mousepad, but darnit, it's cute!). Sending that right
over Nuxx.

What is that you say - Did I suddenly give out more prizes
than promised? Yeah, I did, but fuck-it, It's XMAS! ;-)
Everyone wins!

Big thanks to all who wanted to rub their brains on this
one. Bribes in the mail.

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