Rethink Communications: Month in a car

Did you know the average Torontonian spends 80 minutes a day in a car? Apparently not. Because an environmental community center called Evergreen Brick Works and Canadian fun shop Rethink Canada is launching an initiative designed to create learn just how bad commuting sucks in Toronto.

They held a casting call and interview session to choose the right person for the job. It ended up being 4th year Film Student Tanner Zurkoski. He gets to spend an entire month in a car. For the #monthinacar initiative launching June 26th. It will also kick off a Transportation Expo on June 30th.

By the way, Evergreen Brick Works and Rethink managed to get a hybrid donated to the cause so they won't be doing environmental damage with this stunt. Frankly I think the expo sounds more interesting.

But can you imagine the interview questions that must have been asked?

1: Can you drive?
2: Can you sit in a car for a month if you can go potty and shower and do laundry somewhere else?
3: Can you interview environmental experts who will all tell us commuting sucks?
5:Would you mind reliving boredom engaging with consumers on Twitter and maybe Facebook?
6: Do you promise not to ask if people would ever really use the hashtag #monthinacar unless really pushed?
7: If you answered "No," What if we give you a thousand bucks a week per diem?
8: If you still answered "No," what if we throw in a laptop, mobile phone, video camera and all other gadgets you technically would never use and in some instances are against the law to use whilst driving?

Then you got the job!

Congrats, Tanner. Seeing as how it's summer, I hope they give you some eco-friendly air fresheners, too.

Update: Because sometimes we like to check back in with our stories....Tanner's last tweet
was on July 26th. He had a whopping total of 295 followers. Compare this to Evergreen with 6,686 followers. The most hits Tanner's intro video received was less than 900. Bummer.

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