rhinofx Has the Right Moves for Arby's

In new ads for Arby's Market Fresh Sandwiches dancing chimps take a backseat to taste. With the skilled direction of Tool's Erich Joiner, the rhinofx team provides the VFX, and gives the monkeys a light step.

From CD Vico Sharabani:

This is our first project in a series of animal driven spots for Merkely and Arby's. We've enjoyed a great ongoing relationship with the agency with several of their clients, so we've developed a really nice shorthand with the creative teams.

Erich (Joiner) wanted to avoid CG animals, so we shot a body double in a chimp suit. He cast this really great dancer who could pull off the complex dance moves. We then put it all together in Inferno, manipulating body proportions so each looked unique - tracking different textures on the chimps body for more realism. There was some very light CG enhancement of the primates faces, but very little.

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