Rice Crispies square's blast chocolaty taste to you though computer screen.

Opening a release I read: "Kellogg’s and digital agency glue Isobar have joined forces with YouTube to create the first ever taste-based technology." First ever? I'm wary of phrasings like this in press release, but let's read on....

The new innovation allows viewers to taste Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey by simply watching and listening to a video. Launched through the main channel and on Spotify, users can experience the flavour directly through the TV or computer screen.
glue Isobar have been working with leading scientists to perfect this new technology. It transmits taste using advanced visual flavour frequencies, dynamic audio textures and electro-chemical impulses, all delivered via asynchronous screen technology.
The viewer's sense of audio visual perception is reset using a complex sequence of images, which then stimulate the taste buds and convey the taste of chocolate. Whilst there have been various attempts to use this technology before, this is the first time it has been successful.
Adam King, Associate Creative Director, glue Isobar commented, "We've been perfecting this technique for a long time, but the flavour is now unmistakable. It’s amazing to be part of a genuine innovation of this kind."


They're not even square.

I love that they didn't break character even in the release. Well played. *golfclap*

Project name: Rice Krispies Squares - 'it's all lies'
Client: David Burke, Brand Manager, and Kellogg's
Brief: To support the launch of the new It's All Lies Brand Positioning in the online space.
Creative agency: glue Isobar
Creatives: Lewis Raven & Adam King
Art Director: Victor Woode
Producers: Steph Chybowski
Snr Account Director: Rupert Runewitsch
Media agency: Carat
Production company: Superglue
Exposure: Online, cinema

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