Rich Jerk - Truth in Infomercial


Rich Jerk - Truth in Infomercial

There are a ton of infomercials out there, but at least this guy's honest.



Hehehe, that font is as obnoxious as he is in this context.

Honest? Maybe. But this is just another internet con. This biz has been around for awhile. Just another jerk. Read about it here on my site http://www.welcometowallyworld.com/dont-be-an-adsense-jerk/2005/10/31/do...
But I have to admit its compelling copy. With attitude. This Jerk sells "affiliate" programmes as well and these people tout the benefits of "The Rich Jerk" to get a slice of the action. Bit like Pyramid Selling. Google it. But honestly, ask yourself "If I had a way of making a fortune off the net would I tell other people". There's nothing new here.

I don't think there is anything wrong about the Rich Jerk at all! He is providing a good service by letting most people into the whole idea od Internet Marketing. I must say his delivery leaves for some room to improvement but all in all its worth the price.


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