R.I.P Madge the Manicurist

Seems all our iconic advertising characters are retiring to the ad-stage in the sky as of late - Jan Miner who played Madge the manicurist for a whopping 27 years in the Palmolive adverts died last Sunday at the grand age of 86.

The best place to read up on her long stage career as well as ad career is Googobits, where obituaries and essays from google searches are compiled so that we may learn from the dead. Jan Miner and Type king Rob Roy Kelly who revived wood type in the 1970's with his book "American Wood Type 1828-1900: Notes on the Evolution of Decorated and Large Types and Comments on Related Trades of the Period" currently grace their front page.

uppdate: I found that the DesignObserver also wrote about Roy Kelly and has a nice shot of his book.

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