The Rise of "Reality Advertising"


The Rise of "Reality Advertising"


Reality Advertising Cuts Through the Corporate Blather

"Reality advertising is a trend in the making. Some corporations are beginning to think using an ad agency might not be the best way to create an ad campaign., a networking site like Friendster and Ryze have put out an RFP to members of Fark, a community weblog, asking Farkers to create an ad campaign for the company. Ringo is offering a $1,000 prize to the winning entry."

This certainly has the potential to undercut BBH :-) It will be interesting to see what the submissions are like.


Farkers to create ad campaign - I feel "Boobies!" coming on..... ;))

It could bring in some fun fresh ideas - I hop it does.

At the same time it feels like an old jingle-contest, selling creatives short, and replacing it with man-on-the-street (or in this case Fark) ideas, for which they'll pay a measly 1000 bucks. It might be sour grapes talking as pro's are not allowed to enter.

hop?! hope. So when do we get a spellcheck around here?

It is a trend as of late - competitions where the 'public' get to make the ads.

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