Robbie Williams and EMI sue Finnish TV channel and ad agency

British pop singer Robbie Williams and EMI, his record company, are demanding compensation from MTV3 (a Finnish television channel) and Kuubi, the advertising agency that created the spot, for using one of Mr Williams's songs - Let Me Entertain You - in a television spot promoting Idols, a talent show.

"We are demanding a total of 200,000 euros in compensation and damages for a copyright infringement. Both the artist and the record company are entitled to compensation," Tapio Susiluoto, a barrister for EMI, said in court Friday.

"As I understand it the situation is a sum of many coincidences. No one had taken care of getting a permission to use Mr Williams's music. However, that permission would probably have been denied as Robbie Williams does not approve of the concept of the Idols competition," Mr Susiluoto added.