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  • suddenwaffle's picture

    Odd how "YOUTUBE" is suddenly getting so much saturation, everywhere that has to do with the ad biz. I never heard of it a month ago, the main site was ifilm. It all started with the VW stuff being passed around.

    I actually read on another blog an anonymous comment that claimed VW's agency paid Youtube to feature the VW spot up top so it would garner so many hits.

    I don't claim to know whether that's true or not, but considering the amount of 'sponsored' content nowadays, it makes sense.

    Mar 07, 2006
  • kamari's picture

    The content isn't sponsored. Users just upload the crap, and youtube was huge already last year as a place for films. The major burst here is due to google video coming out of Beta and into the mainstream I think, since youtube is the same thing I think they are worried.

    iFilm doesn't allow users, that is anybody, to upload films does it? But this might be the death of iFilm.

    Mar 07, 2006
  • FeldBum's picture

    Actually iFilm is now allowing user-submitted video. YouTube is just quick, painless and "innocent until proven guilty". Google Video is too much trouble to use. Plus, YouTube has some great web 2.0 features like groups and such to promote your videos.

    Mar 07, 2006
  • Dabitch's picture

    iFilm does user-submissions now? Kewl, so there's youtube, google video, putfile and ifilm where you can seed for free these days? Some seeding sites who charge should start getting real worried/re-do their business plans now then. ;)

    Mar 07, 2006
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Forget the You-Tube/iFilm/google video for a sec.

    We are neglecting the fact that this could quite possibly be the coolest commercial ever.
    I mean, "Pour on the milk-a-licious."
    Liquid brilliance.

    Mar 10, 2006