Royal winner in the Rhode Island School of Design logo competition as Swedish Prince nabs award.


Looks like our very own 'designing prince' Carl-Philip Bernadotte - the Duke of Värmland - has won a design competition. He submitted his proposal under a psuedonym which may explain why I can't find any information on this other than on the Royal website "", and in the tabloids here in Sweden (#1, #2). My translation of what the official statement on says;

The spring of 2007 the Prince studied at the well known school Rhode Island School of Design in the United states.
At the school there was a contest to create the best new look for the Martha's Vineyard Museum in Massachusetts. In a tough competition with other students, the Prince turned in his suggestion using a pseudonym.
The Prince was hired, after completed studies, by the museum to develop a corporate identity for them. This corporate identity is now in use by the museum in their advertising and information about the museum.
"It is a really great honor to win the award for the best design idea for the Martha's Vineyard Museum", said Prins Carl Philip. "I am very pleased and proud of the award."
"I chose to use a lighthouse and develop it as a logo for the museum. It felt like a natural idea to use a lighthouse and its strong light as a visual for information and knowledge"

The Prince completed the whole design program for the museum only after completed studies at the Rhode Island School of Design and was paid for his work by the museum.

Alternative colors, all inspired by sea flags.

You can check out a pdf of his design at

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