The running man dance made ultra-cool by Eran Creevy


The running man dance made ultra-cool by Eran Creevy


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Director Eran Creevy - production by Sleeper USA and between the eyes in London - has done the impossible, he's made me nostalgic for the late eighties and made the "running man" dance look cool. Yes, in the video a lad down in Cardiff pub busts all the moves that became MC Hammer's trademark, and he doesn't look like a complete dork doing it. He does the running man/Vanilla ice and the the Hammer Dance with a pub full of people joining him. Check out the Utah Saints "Something Good ‘08" (Ministry of Sound) (2008) music video 2:45 (UK) in the commercial archive. The eighties were never that cool, kids.

In the late eighties, I despised MC Hammer and that dance, but then again I looked like this in 1989. Amy Winehouse eat your beehive out, mine was all my own hair. Useless trivia: my friends amused themselves for hours bouncing lighters and coins off my hair and when I removed my helmet the beehive would "pop" back up into shape. This beehive feature made for a particularly good arrival at a club once as I pulled up on a shiny red scooter removing my helmet, and the line of people waiting to get in broke out in spontaneous applause. No seriously, the slow clap was a very 80s thing. You've seen the movies.


i think you should start rocking the 'hive again.

Risky these days. Too old + Redhead = Peggy Bundy.

Only a matter of time until those "Meet the Spartans" guys make an "80's Movie" (unfortunatly).

Meet the spartans only just opened here - god forbid they make an 80s movie.

Have not seen big hair like that ages. It was down home in VA to boot.

Ah, the 80s I semi remember those days; new Sportster, almost got a new wife but she hexed that and I think I got some work done too. Got some fuzzy memories that would make a scary movie. Nope, I don't need to relive the 80s Hollywood style.

As much as I can do without all the backup dance crews in most music videos this one works.

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