Ryanair gets a boob job

Logo Endowment that makes people take notice.

the before and after - " We think she is rather aerodynamic."

from The Sun, you can trust the Sun to spot boobs. ;)

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Not a bad selling proposition if you only have glamourous party destinations, Broadway, San Fran, Monaco, Fire island beach etc. :))

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Heh. True! I can see the ads now with their new spokesperson Eddie Izzard. :D

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Maybe Ryanair felt they had to change their logo when Hooters announced they were going to start their own airlines?

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hahah! Probably. I always thought this Harp angel was a guy anyway.... Boob-job or sexchange (or job done by boobs?)

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The orignial does look like a bloke to me. Ryanair...the airline transexuals fly. heh.