Saatchi copies Saatchi?


Saatchi copies Saatchi?


It's as if Saatchi held season tickets to a certain style of execution.... I'll let our tipster spread some light on how this little synchronicity might have happened..

Saatchi first used the idea thru its London office then again thru its NY office 8 years later. The sunny delight spot was first produced by the London office... and then..
..the Centre for Diseased Ideas spot was resurrected again by shaky boots himself CD Tony Granger. Tony briefly was CD of London until he was found out, obviously had good look thru the agencys archive before he took up the post in NY.

compare and contrast.

Sunny D - Catch the Sun - (1998) :30 (UK)

Verb - Catch the sun - (2006) :30 (USA)


That's the first time I've ever seen people wearing beanies to play bball during the summer. I think these two commercials aren't that similar (the clients are very different). And besides, what's wrong with reaching in to your old bag of tricks?

As long as you don't become a one-trick pony I guess. ;)

Personally I think the Verb one is miles better. Love the end shot.

It's obvious that after 'the 17' left Saatchi last year (several of whom had worked on Verb since 2001) Tony and his team couldn't come up with an original idea. Which makes his verb 'copy'.

Yes, it's similar but you have to admit that the second ad (verb) has so many more layers and meaning. They made better use of the sun as the ball element here.

I see no problem with copying by an agency whatsoever, on the condition that;

A. You inform the client that he's about to go ahead with a unoriginal idea that you blatantly stole from someone else.
B. You don't chare a god damned thing for the idea.
C. You never ever, ever, send the ad or the spot to an award show.
D. You do about 10.000 push-ups and eat dog poo for about a week.

Curious what the masses it worse to steal from yourself (the agency, etc) or from someone else?

Recycling your own ideas is a fine art - we got another example from the late nineties right here in Badland. I think all creatives do it, nip a little from an old idea here and mix with a fresh take there. Admit it. Also, we all have drawers full of great ideas that the client rejected which we want to do anyway eventually......

There is NO WAY that Tony Granger will acknowledge he saw the original. The new film WILL be submitted into competion at CANNES later this year. There is a good chance that the new film will be looked upon favorably, unless, that is, the jury understand the commercial is not an original thought.

A. Honestly, do you think he showed the original as reference to the client. If he did, then the client was complicit in intellectual theft.
B. Why would he care about the originality of the IDEA? He is judged on results at CANNES only, not the impact on the client's bottom line.
C. Awards? watch this space!! When it comes to awards there is absolutely no honesty. How many times has TG put his name (as CD) on somebody else's work?
D. Thats too good!

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