SAG takes its toll

Talent agency Cunningham, Escott, DiPene is suspending its Chicago
operations due the SAG/AFTRA strike.

They will lay off all employees except vice-president Dianne Herro-Sanford, who focuses on on-camera work, and voice-over agent Debby Kotzen. Employees will be laid off and operations curtailed as of August 31.

T.J. Escott, owner and founder says "the strike has been going on for too long, and there is no way to predict when it will end."

Diane Herro-Sanford adds "If the actors' side doesn't make some progress and if the ad agencies do hold all the cards, I'm not sure how many people will want to be in the business."

"It is too bad that this thing has drawn out for such a long time with
the talent agency community not having any say in this matter," said Escott. "I hope the working actors in this country realize there are a lot of other people involved in this business that are affected."