Samsung accused of plagarism

Utusan online in Malaysia reports about a tuffle between Samsung and Sony.

Samsung, by way of Cheil Communications Inc. has created a commercial for the Anycall phone where a popular singer and a dancer stage a competition to "battle dance" to the music coming from an Anycall.

Sony Korea and local Internet users allege that Samsung must have copied its ad from Sony's commercial of its mini disk player, where a similar scene of battle dancing happens.

Sony Korea said it has concluded that Samsung's commercial is the rework of its ad. However, the company said it has no intention to seek legal action or ask TV stations to stop airing the Samsung ad.

"We simply want consumers and the market know the truth," a Sony Korea official said.

Cheil Communications Inc., the producer of the Anycall commercial, denied the accusations, saying that "the commercial is based on battle dance, which is getting popular worldwide, so there must be similar scenes."

we'd love to show you the ads, of course, so we can see for ourselves what the big bruhahaha is about. Any adgrunts out there have them?

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    No, but I have fond memories of the geeks who 'battle dance' at the local arcade. Did you know Konami, producer of such 'battle dance' classics such as Dance Dance Revolution, actually sponsors tournaments? You have not lived until you see wacky Asian kids, on hands and knees, going all bonzai on a dance mat.


    Aug 12, 2003

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