Samsungs Orangutang camera idea proves to be a viral hit

Nonja is 33 year old Austrian who likes to be creative. She's done some painting but now she's found that her camera - which dispenses raisins every time to button is pushed - has made her facebook profile famous. Nonja is an orangutan.

Her facebook profile contains plenty of photographs of the orangutans in Schönbrunn Zoo, all taken by Nonja. In no time at all Nonja has gathered almost fifty thousand fans and been written up in the DailyMail, PopSci, Daily Times, Swedish tabloids like Expressen and Metro and countless more worldwide. Samsung, who created the camera with the raisin-trap have their own Austrian page dedicated to Nonja, and anyone who becomes her fan on Facebook has a chance to win the camera or entrance tickets to the zoo. The best part about this ad campaign is that nobody seems to realize it is one.

It would be far more impressive if the camera didn't give Nonja raisins every time she pushed the button. But maybe that's just me.

Nonja self-portrait

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  • GrahamCreative's picture

    What a simple idea. Animals are at the heart of a successful engagement it would seem. Though I fear that if the camera didn't dispense raisins, the beast wouldn't bother. I want a Samsung that dispenses Beer. I'd use one too then.

    Dec 07, 2009
  • Dabitch's picture

    That should be a new line of samsung cameras. Design your own dispense-camera. I fear the beer one will be mighty heavy. I'll get one that dispenses tic-tacs.

    Dec 07, 2009

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