SARS prevents Chinese adgrunts from going to Cannes

About 90 members from "The China Advertising Association" were expected to be in Cannes this year, but their trip has been canceled due to SARS.

"To prevent SARS from reaching other countries, The Chinese government has decided that all trips and activities abroad should be canceled." Shi Xuezhi from the Chinese Advertising associations explains in a letter to the Cannes Lions.

Roger Hatchuel of Cannes Lions welcomes the decision, "the spontaneous decision by the Chinese in combination with the French governments initiative regarding SARS is 'insurance' for other people on their way to Cannes."

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  • tlevitz's picture

    Attention conspiracy theorists, rumor has it that the Chinese produced some killer work this year and the whole SARS thing was cooked up by an unnamed government in an attempt to keep them from hitting the awards circuit.

    May 22, 2003
  • Dabitch's picture

    damn. who told you?

    Jun 03, 2003