Sartalics from BBH Labs - our dry asides will never be missed again.

BBH Interns have come up with a twitterblitz, twitter petition, twitter flashmob or whatever you want to buzzword it, idea to get the web to employ sartalics. The back-leaning italics that will make it perfectly clear to the reader that you are, indeed, being sarcastic. Hey this would be perfect for me, as I'm sarcastic most of the time and think this is a very

important world-changing idea

Lets get on this right away, shall we?

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  • formerly wendell's picture
    formerly wendell (not verified)

    This battle was lost when the specs for HTML5 didn't include a tag.

    I've seen proposals for enclosing punctuation in brackets, {!} including one at Metafilter that resulted in the short-lived HAMBURGER running joke.

    But I'm leaning toward a standard that requires more effort on the part of the sarcast, like ending every sentence with "I'm being TOTALLY sincere right now".


    No, really.

    Aug 05, 2011
  • Dabitch's picture

    That's where HAMBURGER came from? I saw someone do the tags and was like "wtf" then I saw it evolve to HAMBURGER but I had no idea it was a proposed tag. Neat.

    Aug 05, 2011

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