SAS are completely lost in Gothenburg


With large billboards and newspaper ads SAS advertises their direct flights from Gothenburg to sixteen different destinations in Europe. On a map of Europe the destinations have been renamed, to Gothenburg neighbourhoods to illustrate. A pretty funny idea, if these neighbourhoods had been positioned somewhat like the neighbourhoods of Gothenburg actually are. Västra Frölunda (West Frölunda) should be out west, naturally.

Västra Frölunda would better be located over in Manchester or Birmingham, instead of where it is now, up north in Sundsvall. The district called Backaplan would be better placed up in Stockholm, or perhaps in Oslo, instead of down in Lyon France. As the ad stands now, the quarters are thrown around the map as if some kid was making wild guesses during a geography test in grade school. No matter how you slice it, the creatives have failed to carry the idea out properly in the details, which makes the sender (SAS) seem like they are completely lost.
How hard can it be really, to place a map of Gothenburg on top of a map of Europe and see where the neighbourhoods end up? Apparently that is too much effort for advertising creatives who never set foot in the city where the ad is seen by the locals.

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    Finns det nåt som heter "majorna" i Göteborg och i så fall, var ligger det på den här kartan? ;)

    Apr 07, 2006

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