Saturday Link lust: Money, Keming and l33t sp34k c0l0r!


L33t Text in color folks! #C0FFEE ROCKS #DECAFF SUCKS, what a fun way to #deface a page!

Yesterday was the 366th day of the year, Feb 29 - a.k.a the day that women can propose which may explain why my boyfriend was out all day. ;P It was also the day that the brand agency once known as applebrandsource completed their transformation and was re-launched as READY366.

“The consumer and brand landscape is changing dramatically. Consumers are more savvy, they have a much bigger say, and they want brands that deliver smarter packaging, which means better functionality in how they actually use the product in their lives, more environmentally-friendly, and more consistent with what the brand stands for,” notes Palombo. “We think it’s important for marketers to recognize this ‘new day’, particularly as they look for new avenues to create greater and more authentic brand relevance and differentiation.”

Ironic Sans has invented a new typography term that I swear I already thought existed. It's also available as a T-shirt. Keming!

How much do you make? SEMPO SEM Agency Salary Survey wants to know.

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    I love thoughtful little brilliant things like this.

    Mar 03, 2008

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