Save creativity - stop the choddy!


Save creativity - stop the choddy!


Stop the wants you to confess, repent, sign the petition, and promise to never do it again. The formulaic talking head ads featuring people of all ages, from all demographics, reading the brief are killing creative commercials. They must be stopped! This is serious, folks, oh so very serious.

Copywriters, art directors, ECDs, ACDs, and people with OCD, lend me your ears. Our world has been exposed to a new disease. A disease most recently identified as, "The Choddy". Choddies are transmitted directly to the right hemisphere of our brains through our computer, TV, and movie screens. Once there, they begin to devour our imaginations until we no longer recognize original thought.


I was very impressed and satisfied to discover that 5 years later, is still online and collecting signatures.

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