Scandinavian airlines mocks stereotypes with...stereotypes.

SAS wants Europeans to get their facts straight about Scandinavia - and gently mock stereotypes of Italian mothers, French antique dealers and German ski bums with this pan European campaign from Pool, Stockholm. The campaign ties together with a website Scandinavian facts where you'll learn that we don't in fact, have any polar bears roaming the streets of Stockholm. Elk do on occasion though, but they're shot within hours.

The Italian woman:

The French man:

Ski bum:

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I went to the website to learn about Scandinavia, but I couldn't find any information about Scandinavia. I clicked the links, but they didn't lead to any Scandinavian facts. I'm confused.

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You mean you missed the question about whether Scandinavians prefer to eat pickled herring or reindeer droppings?

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Okay. Now I see it.

I first saw the "enter contest..." and I didn't click on it. I wasn't interested in entering a contest, just some Scandinavian facts.

Oh, and I got 9/9 correct. Either I know more about Scandinavia than I think I do, or some of those questions are really stupid! :)

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I got 9 out of 9 too, but then I live in Scandinavia and the questions are indeed really stupid.  :-)