School of Visual arts clean up at the Young Gun awards.

Sleepy -Kenji Akiyama, Sliding Glass Doors, Dunkin’ Donuts, 2009.
Wake Up! - Kenji Akiyama, Sliding Glass Doors, Dunkin’ Donuts, 2009.

Loooks like the SVA did well at the Young Gun awards, or better than well, they cleaned up as ten of the 25 YoungGun International awards were presented to recent SVA alumni and current students.

What's more impressive though is that nine of the 10 winning campaigns came out of the same class - Unconventional Advertising - taught by Frank Anselmo, an award-winning former creative director at BBDO and executive creative director at KNARF. Commenting on the awards, Anselmo says, “A YoungGun award is a true door opener for students. The fact that SVA won 10 of the 25 awards is mind-boggling. Where is the ‘School of the Year’ award?” The Unconventional Advertising class at SVA is an intensive, concept-to-execution, detail-oriented course that emphasizes concepts executed outside of the traditional print, TV and interactive mediums.

Winning campaigns included a concept for NIKE’s Air Jordan sneakers which features painted footsteps on public basketball courts mapping the path of Michael Jordan’s iconic free-throw line dunk, as well as an eye-opening design that uses sliding glass doors to illustrate the caffeinated jolt that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee provides. Current students Tiffany Liu and Jacqueline F. Sendgikoski won a gold bullet; Kenji Akiyama (BFA 2009 Advertising), current student Jane Cronk, current student Chelsea Cumings, current student Hez Kim, Catherine Eccardt (BFA 2009 Advertising), Alex Sunyoung Koo (BFA 2009 Advertising), Julissa Ortiz (BFA 2009 Advertising), Sara Roderick (BFA 2009 Advertising) won silver bullets; Jyn Yi (BFA 2009 Advertising) won two silver bullets; Alex Sunyoung Koo (BFA 2009 Advertising) won a bronze bullet; Julissa Ortiz (BFA 2009 Advertising) won two bronze bullets.

If you're considering a school, have a peek at the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department at SVA, and maybe it'll be you who wins next time.