Scorching Girls for Virgin Mobile

Found at Revolution Magazine:
Virgin Mobile breaks a new advertising campaign spoofing "both East End gangster flicks and chicks-with-guns videos" in an effort to get people to check out their latest deals.

The ad is only available online, and is titled "Scorching Girls." Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R created the ad.

It begins showing a gangster pacing menacingly around a scrapyard. He is then seen taping his "victim" up with gaffer tape to the window of a wrecked car. It is only after this that the victim is revealed to be an old mobile phone. The gangster gives the signal to three bikini-clad henchwomen who use a flamethrower to torch the phone. The ad ends with a rich Cockney voiceover telling viewers: "With our great deals you might want your mobile to have a little accident".

James Kydd, brand director for Virgin Mobile, said: "Continuing our successful series of online viral campaigns with DMC, this time a spoof ad is being used to convey our brand's renowned quirky sense of humour. "The ad will be available exclusively online. It aims to generate buzz, raise awareness and entertain culture-driving, technology-savvy users who are early adopters of viral material."

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