"SDIA" is "AIDS" spelled backwards - Hit song is campaign for World Aids Day

In the era of contagious earworms, Israel has just gotten a reminder of exactly how easy it is to get infected, just in time for World AIDS day.

Last night the CEO of the Aids Task Force, Jonathan Karni, unveiled this year's campaign for the "World Aids Day": The "SDIA PROJECT".
The project which launched 6 weeks ago was based on a song called "Going all the way", about a girl with easy virtue, created by an unknown band called "SDIA".
The song which was released to all the Radio Stations in the country and was meant to spread and reach as many people as possible, set out to prove one point only:
See how easy it is to get infected. Get tested!

It all began six weeks ago when this hit song (radio) hit the airwaves, only three weeks into the campaign, SDIA was ranking #4 on the National "Music Hit List" published by Yedioth Ahronoth.

The increasing popularity of the song led to some great collaboration, while still keeping the story a secret from the general public:

· The "Going all the way" ringtone ranked 9th on Cellcom's "Most Downloaded Ringtones" list (Israel's largest cellular operator) and was featured on the front page of the "orange music" portal.

· The "Going all the way" song was chosen as the soundtrack for a Nokia online banner campaign promoting their new music-playing handset. There alone, it was played over 80.000 times.

· More than 300 coffee-shops and restaurants played the song once every hour for an entire month (via YCD Company) and generated more than 150.000 exposures at hotspots around the country…and counting.

· The "Big Brother" show decided to use the song as its "wake-up" theme last Saturday.

· The song made it to the "Guy Pines Show", the most important Entertainment show in the country.

· The song is on its way to MTV Europe and will be broadcast starting on World Aids Day.

Credits for everyone involved in pulling this stunt off (while managing to keep the AIDS tie in a secret)
Agency credits
Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive
Chief Creative Officer: Gideon Amichay
Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Creative Director: Amit Gal
Copywriter: Geva Kochba
Art Director: Shirley Bahar
Executive Client Director: Adam Avnon
Account Supervisor: Shiran Chen
Account Manager: Galia Ashri/Esti Smilg
Interactive Credits
Executive Interactive Director: Guy Poreh
Copywriter: Nadav Raviv
Account Supervisor: Dana Cogan
Head Programmer: Dima Patt
Studio Manager: Lena Feldman
Media Planning: Racheli Ben-Avi

Musical Production
Written composed and produced by:
Ran Shem Tov and Shiri Hadar - IZABO
Singer: Roni Alter

Video Clip
Photographer: Eitan Nadel
Motion Graphics: Lior Sadeh – LivyatanVisual
and Elad Magdasy

PR Company
Moran Paz - "Moran Paz PR"
Ayelet Segev and Chen Yanovitz

Special thanks to All Radio Stations in Israel
Avraham Pirchi, CEO "Shapam" Radio; Isack Tunik, Editor in Chief "Galey-Tzahal" Radio; Dalit Ofer, Managing Director "Galgalatz" Radio; Anat Ardity, CEO "Shapa" Radio; Itay Swissa, Studio Manager "Shapa" Radio; Didi Harari; Ofer Meiri; Yoav Ginay; Eran Litvin

And additional thanks to everyone who made this project possible:
"Keshet TV": Avi Nir CEO, Ran Telem; Yoram Zack; "Ananey Communications": Udi Meiron; Orli Atlas; Guy Pines; Kobi Ben-Atar; Shai Gisim, "Partner": Aviad Rabinovitz; Gal Raz, Logia; Einav Shif, Walla; Asaf Nevo, Mako; Leon Feldman, NRG; Ori Mendi,Baru; Tzahi Rolnik, Haozen Hashlishit; Gal Ofer, Krembo Records; Jonathan Kuttner; Sharon Refael; Yael Blubshtein; Roni Kleiner; Paradiso Productions; Aspegil; Silon; Red Rental; Ayelet Dror; Shaul Mizrahi, Barbi Club Tel Aviv; Noy Alooshe;Omer Gershon, Zizitripo; Gil Komar; Tzvika Furman

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