Sears is Full of Wishes and Social Media Dreams

So it looks like Sears amping up their spending money. Recently, the big, giant American retailer has revamped some of their offerings, including a Facebook Wish Together tab and their bulky Wish Book.

Brings me to my collusion - the retailer is full of wishes... I don't think its too bad thing but everywhere I turn, its wish this, wish that but hey, its the holidays.

And I'll be honest, I do like some of their Wish book and together features.

For those who haven't seen the ads or press releases from their PR peeps, Wish Together is a new group-buying application hosted on the Sears Facebook page that encourages users to rally friends together and unlock amazing deals that can only be purchased through Facebook.

The new social shopping service is a twist on existing trendy “deal of the day” models, which offer steep discounts on goods and services when a critical mass of people “like” the offer. Wish Together will feature a new deal daily and will encourage users to share the deals to unlock them. Once a deal is unlocked, it will be available for purchase instantly and everyone who liked it will be notified by email.

Their Wish Book has been enhanced and allows browse, buy and shop from the Wish Book Online catalog. And the Wish Book on Facebook, shoppers can visit the Sears Facebook page to get holiday shopping ideas, share holiday wish lists and purchase products through the Wish Book tab.

It's interesting to see how Sears' social media investment in Facebook pans out.

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