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Hey, after a year of viewing I just realised I could post articles. Who said reading FAQ's was useless!!

For all of us convinced that advertising is war, Yomiko Advertising in Japan has finally given us our own little advertising samurai army to control. As the Creative Director on a pitch, your decisions impact the many soldiers under your command.

To advertise the latest shoulder carried vehicle (circa 16th century) you have to choose between short films by famous directors, anime clips or outdoor.

Then as you come to battle with your largest rivals - you make further choices in order to win the pitch.

It is called Creative Bushido and can be viewed here (Warning it is very slow but definitely worth it):

Creative Bushido

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Welcome to your first front page post nicolasz. :)
    Hey that game was fun, reminds me a little (in concept onlly) of that old Dream Agency game that BrandRepublic used to have.

    Mar 10, 2006

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