Separated at birth? Three drinks do the same thing.


Three different product, (all drinkable - uh, no wait, that depends on who you ask..), three similar headlines, three identical propositions? What happened here?

First out is the Afri-Cola ad created by AD: Heidi Flora and CW Kevin Jones at Cole & Weber in Seattle. This ad was in the 95 Communication Arts Annual. Not Bad, the whole campaign is quite funny. "Drink it while it's still legal"

Second runner up was spotted in a april 96's issue of Bay Times. Created by.....Dunno , you tell me....For After Shock Liquer. With it's headline "Quick Before it's banned" it says the exact same thing........

And behind door number three is the Cappuchino Blast from Baskin Robbins... (sorry - couldn't get a photo of it....)
The line reads:

"Still Legal (in most states.)"

......I Dunno who did it and neither do they obviously.
(actually it was DMB&B..But which one?)

Is it just me or does it sound like they played scrabble with the Afri-Cola ad?

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