server service


server service

Those of you wondering what is going on with this servers uptime, click continue to see pictures. Super adgrunts need not worry, you've all been credited seven days to catch up on your film-watching.

There is a heatwave in Denmark, it's lovely, but this is why geeks are pale - servers hate heat and require a lot of attention.... Despite the server room being a crisp 25 degrees celcius, acme overheats feeding films out to the world.

(note the sarcasm. I don't think anything above 20 degrees is "crisp")


Friday, I buy lots of little fitted fans for it, to cool it down. This exersise was futile, acme still overheated, he lasted on these fans only a few hours.

come Saturday night, I get dressed up to go play with acme. Shops aren't open on saturdays - so I borrow a fat fan from the phpwizard.


picking him apart complety, insert an industrial size fan put him back together again .

(great saturday night out dontcha think?)

We were done at three in the morning, and since then, the server has been running perfectly. A yellow car-sponge, who would have thunk it?

(for those who like this sort of thing, there are more geeky pictures on my personal home page

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