Set me free, why don't you - Mad men?

NYTimes blog has a story from Young & Rubicam 1966, where bags of water dropped on poor protesters was the real life inspiration to the opening scene of Mad Men season 5.

The opening scenes of the Season 5 premiere of “Mad Men,” set in 1966, depicted a sort of knucklehead-racism at work, when young men from the advertising agency Young & Rubicam dropped bags filled with water on protesters picketing on the Madison Avenue sidewalk below. Wet and angry, several protesters came upstairs to demand to know who at the firm had dropped the water bombs.
One protester said in disgust, “And they call us savages.”

Meanwhile, the Pop Culture Pirate and @marcfaletti edited together clips of the Mad Men women, making the song "set me free why don't you babe" turning a Motown tune into a post-feminist commentary on the roles these ladies are stuck in back in the 60s. Or maybe it's just nifty.