Sex and beer once again


Sex and beer once again


It's not a new thing anymore. Apparently you can't sell beer without putting in some sort of sexual visual or innuendo. The most recent ad to enter into this now typical strategy is Montreal brewer Molson Inc. for it's new "super-premium" beer from Brazil, A Marca Bavaria.

One of their ads in particular is creating quite a stir, especially among women viewers. Check out the story from the Montreal Gazette here. And check out the commerical...

Update: - 19. April 2005 Bottle voodoo between Bavaria and Brutal Fruit Badlanded!

And.. Denver Deo copies Bavaria from every angle.... - badlanded again!

Comments there anything you can't do?

apparantly it can't get her knickers off.

dunno what to think about this one. She's in control, she's teasing him. Thats what I see.

She's in control, but unfortunately, it puts women back about 50 years. It says that the only power women have is sexual power - untrue and it demeans what women have been working for. Plus, I don't like watching it with my boyfriend - makes me jealous :-)

I am not too bothered by the ad, but I can see how it may be offensive to some women who are sensitive to it.

i think this add is preety sweet.

can someone please tell me what actress that is in this commercial???

Please reply

thanks :)

is it minnie driver, I would like to know as well!

don't think it's ms Driver. A Brazilian model would be a good guess, but it's difficult to track down this ladies name.

Her name is PIETRA FERRARI... and she's all good!!

ferrari? Well she does have one sexy chassi... (chassi = swedish meaning the outside design of a car = really bad pun.)

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