Sex no longer sells


Sex no longer sells


British brand consultancy HeadlightVision's report on the latest cutting-edge trends "found that youths were bombarded by sexually explicit advertising to the point where the ads no longer moved them. It concluded that if brands wanted to reach young trend-setters, they needed to use more subtle techniques."

Allison O'Keefe, global editor of the HeadlightVision's report, D-Code said, "Sexual imagery is becoming so mainstream that it is becoming such a regular part of their life that it doesn't break through any more. It's not shocking them and its not clearly marking it (a brand) as youth-orientated or anti-conventional."

There's also more in another article here.


I get scared when the analysts call people in their thirties "young".

right on ;) now they'll have to make use of some real advertising instead of SEX APPEAL

I would like this to true, but why is there a female model on every womans magazine?

In the case of Eurowoman in Denmark, the staff including the Editor in Cheif have begged their bosses to please let them do other kinds of covers but some dork holding the strings keeps saying no.

Lack of originality....

But should I asume the dork is a male/female ;D

That's a universal rule in the ad-biz: the dorks always holds the strings...

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